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I'm using this as a page to catalogue all my music. Lot's of test tracks that are bad.

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Almost-Ichabod's News

Posted by Almost-Ichabod - 11 days ago

Starting a new account for Happy Hardcore/Hard Trance music! The new name is Bucket Of Dragons and much like this account is a work in progress.

I plan to post hard trance remixes and covers of songs along with originals.

I'll link it in the comments once it's created. If you like my stuff here don't forget to scout Bucket Of Dragons!


Posted by Almost-Ichabod - 3 weeks ago

I got a bunch of weird experimental techno songs based off of HAA I was saving for the game but I don't like the style. I think I'll just release them all together on an small album in about a week or so.

These are songs I'm not even sure I want to try remaking but if they turn out successful for some reason I wouldn't be opposed to messing with the weird stuff more .

Posted by Almost-Ichabod - 1 month ago

Let's talk about the future. We know once I start my job I'll be even more quiet than before but I will still be working on projects. Some of those projects include building a game and remaking my favorite songs of mine.

The remaking music is self explanatory, remake my music into better version and possibly searching for a label, haven't decided on that last part yet.

Now the other thing, building a game. This is a new idea of mine I never would have thought I'd find myself doing but as of the last year I find myself wanting to create a game more and more. The game is essentially Five Nights at Freddy's inspired but with my own story and what not. It'll be completely hand drawn and have an ost. I know what you're thinking "another FNaF wanna be" and you're partially right but I'm going to be doing my best to make it my game, FNaF helped further popularize the point and click horror style and, well, I'm a big fan of it. I remember playing Shadowgate and Deja Vu on emulators as a child and loving the point and click style and I still do.

There is another game idea that's also still in the idea stage but I haven't expanded on it as much. I've always wanted to make a game that's essentially an ode to Diablo 2. I was raised on that game.

So. Video games, music, art, and beginning my new job. The future hold a lot of work for me...

Posted by Almost-Ichabod - June 22nd, 2020

I got the job! Expect higher quality remakes with actual VOCALS later this year!

Posted by Almost-Ichabod - June 21st, 2020

So who wants to hear about things going on right now? No one? Too bad!

I should hear back about my job interview tomorrow, if I get the job the first thing I'm getting with my paycheck is a Digitech Talker and mic.

In health news I found out that my pain I've had since December is 2 hernias that need to be operated on. I just made it to my 20's and already I'm falling apart.

Music news: I've been obsessed with FM synthesis and the Ratatat guitar sound so I ended up buying a Volca FM and a Fat Fuzz Factory, I have big plans for those, still waiting on them to ship...

Finally I'll be reworking my top 3 favorite songs of mine; Marrow, Lips, and The Last Fungus.


Posted by Almost-Ichabod - June 15th, 2020

I'm working on a batch of my older styled songs, the ones that feel more natural and fun to me, and I'm working on getting new synths and a bass to go back over some of my favorites.

By "working on getting new synths" I mean trying like crazy to get a job, it's not easy right now but I have a good feeling about this next place. Unfortunately if I get it that means I'll spend even less time on music but it's something I don't mind. I need the distraction from music more than you know.

Posted by Almost-Ichabod - June 9th, 2020

I think my music works best in a repetitive, Human After All, style than anything progressive. I enjoy making loops more anyway.

Human After All, the album not just the song and Valentine by Justice are my biggest house inspirations after all...

Posted by Almost-Ichabod - May 30th, 2020

Got my number 1 dream synth, the Korg MS20 Mini, and have been playing with it for days. I can't decide what direction to take my music so I'm working on a bunch of synth rock covers for now, hope you guys like it when they're released!

Posted by Almost-Ichabod - May 8th, 2020

I should use an Otamatone for songs with vocals instead of using white noise.


Posted by Almost-Ichabod - May 6th, 2020

I've hit a delay. I went and bought a harmonizer pedal in hopes to use it as an octaver for the bass, I learned my lesson on cheap harmonizers though, the lesson is DON'T cheap out on harmonizers. Doesn't even sound great with the guitar.

I could have used the money to instead convert my 5 string to a piccolo bass like I planned.